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SoNET Web Engine Market Demographic
SoNET FREE Generates 10 Websites Free

Clubs that need membership only networks and want to simplify the collection of membership fee's, since dues are automatically collected by the PayPal integration within SoNET.

Families that want a safe private Social Network where every household gets a website with memberships so all members of the entire extended family may interact. This provides a safe networking environment that is fun for the whole family but is completely unavailable to outsiders.

SoNET LITE Generates 75 Websites $199.00 USD $149.00 USD

Modeling and Entertainment Agencies who want to provide individual websites for their clients which in turn allow the creation of a fan club of members, who can then be emailed and are allowed to make a profile and comment and rate the media on that website.

Affiliate Marketers who need to create multiple websites to generate increased search presence.

SoNET 500 Generates 500 Websites $899.00 USD

SoNET Entrepreneurs who are graduating from being a small business owner to a corporate service provider. This version allows the creation of 500 websites so it is great for those looking earn a six figure income from selling websites plus hosting and who already have experience with the business model. Additionally the same is true for niche/topic based small Social Network creators who already have a thriving small network and understand their business model, this is the version that takes your business and your income to the next level.

SoNET 1K Generates 1000 Websites $1599.00 USD
SoNET Service Providers who are ready to step up to the enterprise level business and who already has several hundred customers or network members.
SoNET ULTRA Generates UNLIMITED Websites

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SoNET Enterprise Owners who have already reached the success mark and are ready to expand into new territory and take it to the highest level. This version allows you to create as many websites as your server can physically store, so numbers like 10,000 and even 250,000 customers are within your reach.